The firm

Artemtax International is a law firm specialized in Tax law.

The Firm advises its clients, corporations and individuals, on all questions relating to tax law. It helps them during tax audits. The lawyers of the Firm defend them in all jurisdictions.

The Firms’ knowledge covers French aspects of taxation and international taxation (corporate tax, individual tax, real-estate taxes, international treaties, management of the effective tax rate, transfer pricing, local taxes, etc…)

The “Plus”

  • The Firm’s ability of integrating all of the accounting, financial and economic aspects relating to tax issues.
  • Its expertise of helping its international clients by coordinating the various participants (lawyers, tax consultants, accountants, economists, financial experts)


Tax withholdings on non-residents’ income not from employment/unearned income is refundable - publié le 9 September 2015
The invoicing of administrative costs at a floating rate is not, by principle, an abnormal management act - publié le 9 September 2015
The parent company–subsidiary regime and products from hybrid securities - publié le 7 September 2015
Expatriates: novelty relating to the exemption of expatriation premiums - publié le 7 September 2015
Waiving the benefit of an advantageous escalator clause on the grounds of its unlawfulness is not deemed abnormal - publié le 7 September 2015